Trilliant Prime Energy Suite

A comprehensive suite of solutions that improves operational efficiency for utilities


Data Optimization

Estimation and Editing
Maintain data quality

Energy consumption can be estimated based on historical information, typical consumption curves, backup device readings, and information about generated energy.

Manage Tariff Structures

Manage user consumption profiles and demand control with TOU tariffs and creation of calendars based on seasons and day types.

User Portal
Consulting tool for consumption behavior

Internal consumers and end customers can monitor consumption of one or multiple sockets. Track consumption patterns of sockets to encourage efficient energy use.

User Administration and Auditing
Ensure data protection and security

Establishes a correlation between the user’s role in the operation and ability to run tasks in the application. Grant specific permissions for application actions and functionalities.

Recognitions and Certifications

Prime Energy Suite reflects industry best practices in software development and maintenance, as well as in the operation of our products and services. We are proud of the certifications and awards our solutions have earned.