Smart Metering

Smart meters provide benefits to both utilities and their consumers, and are helping address many modern energy challenges. With 32M+ smart meter deployments worldwide through 2022, Trilliant has an in-depth understanding of each utility’s unique needs, as well as expertise in the technology nuances across geographies, as well as the electric, gas and water sectors.

Trilliant’s Smart Metering technology is purpose-built, and helps utilities bring the most advanced capabilities to their customers, including:

  • Time of use pricing, and flexible tariff programs
  • Reconnect / disconnect capabilities
  • Prepayment
  • Interval and register reporting
  • Outage and restoration notifications
  • Voltage and power quality monitoring
  • In-home devices and consumer engagement
  • Energy efficiency initiatives

Device-agnostic Platform = The Power of Choice

As a result of our proven device-agnostic platform, Trillant’s smart metering technologies can work with any system, meter or device and provides a secure, powerful source of data now and into the future. This flexibility provides our customers with the power of choice and reduces the risk of “lock-in” with one meter manufacturer or technology provider.

Proven Partner Ecosystem = The Power of Choice

Trilliant is proud of our trusted partner network.  We have a broad ecosystem of partners to ensure our customers’ success which includes many of the global leaders in metering and utility technology.  Leveraging your partners or ours, we will work together to help you achieve the best possible end-point and outcomes for your utility.

  • Meter reading is the most basic function of any smart metering system, and the first thing Trilliant’s customer achieve in typical deployments.
  • The meter-to-cash process is also mission-critical to our customers, and establishing early success in implementing this process provides obvious immediate benefits.
  • Deploying a smart metering system gives utilities the chance not only to ensure an effective meter to cash process and to enable new customer-focused applications, but also to get real-time visibility into the distribution grid.
  • This capability is transformative for utilities, providing a real-time view of consumption patterns, distribution system loading, voltage and power quality variations, and power outages.