Spectra® Electric Meter

Spectra Electric Meter (Spectra) is a Smart ANSI AMI Edge-Ready meter designed for Smart Cities and Smart Grids, expanding functions beyond basic electric metering and empowering service providers and end customers to manage their energy efficiently and in real time. The Spectra series of residential and commercial & industrial electric meters comes with a field-replaceable communication module that can be deployed as an element of any Trilliant Smart Grid Solution.

As Smart Grid and Smart City initiatives continue to expand, the role of the electric meter is evolving. Spectra is the only meter in the market to support upgradability while in service. An industry first, Spectra offers unparalleled future proofing and obsolescence risk mitigation, while empowering our customers with flexibility and choice over the life of their advanced metering projects.

With the introduction of the Spectra Meter, there’s now an electric meter in the marketplace offering unprecedented expansion and risk mitigation features for our customers. Spectra is a true smart meter that expands functions beyond basic electric metering to leverage best in class network and peer to peer communications, real time data reporting, and edge computing. This electric meter is specifically designed for Smart Grids and Smart Cities and leapfrogs current market offerings.  It helps both service providers and end customers to manage their energy efficiently and in real time, and leverage Trilliant’s Power of Choice approach.

With a flexible and modular communications approach, the utility must only install/enable the communication technologies required for the specific application. A truly modular communication platform will support any type of deployment scenario with the least cost impact to the customer.

How the Spectra Electric Meter can contribute to Smart City initiatives for utilities and cities in Canada:

  • Contributions to public safety (Police, Fire, EMT, Gunshot, Noise Emissions, Crowd & Traffic Control)
  • Weather data (flood, air quality, temp, etc.)
  • Consumer/Commercial applications such as home/factory automation
  • Meter could become Consumer/home IIoT gateway

Advanced Communications Support

As utilities continue the shift to the new energy economy, the Spectra Meter provides a reliable, secure option with advanced communications support. Key features and benefits of this unique meter include:

Interval Data Recording and Self Reads: 8MB NV memory for storing profile, data logs, and self-read data, providing a simple and clear upgrade path without the need for an additional option board.

Instrumentation: Spectra displays more than 50 different instrumentation quantities and provide the equivalent functions of all the following devices: voltmeter, wattmeter, VA meter, distortion indicator, ammeter, VAR meter, phase angle meter, and phase rotation indicator.

Revenue Metering: Spectra is a revenue meter with high accuracy (0.2 accuracy class), providing advanced four quadrant revenue functions, transformer and line loss compensation, and increased data profiling without adding hardware option boards.

Power Quality Monitoring: A power guard component in Spectra detects and identifies power quality problems before they become complaints.

Support for Multiple Communication Types: Powerful, dual-band RF Mesh, Low Power Wide Area Networks, 5G Cellular, ZigBee, Bluetooth, and more

Maintenance With Uninterrupted Service: Spectra’s modular design allows for battery or communication module service to occur without interrupting metrology or power service.

Full support for Edge Computing and Applications