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Communications Hub and CellReader®

Communications Hub


Our communications hub solution is a communications platform that connects to the Trilliant UnitySuite® Head-End Software (HES) using public wireless networks to create a secure communications link to electric and gas meters. When deployed with in-home displays and other in-home energy management products, this hub creates the consumer engagement side of a smart meter deployment.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven
    • Utilizes public cellular networks for high-reliability WAN connectivity
    • Supports industry standard metering protocols; DLMS/COSEM and ZigBee Smart Energy Profile
    • Scalable platform; field upgradable
  • Secure
    • Supports open-standard protocols with flexibility for future enhancements
    • Built-in security that satisfies the highest industry standards
  • Empowered Consumers
    • Enables true consumer engagement
    • Provides actionable information for consumers to make energy use decisions
  • Communications Bridge
    • Dual radio design integrates both HAN and WAN connectivity
    • Connects electric meters, gas meters, in-home display units, and smart energy devices
  • Reliable Wide Area Network (WAN) Connectivity
    • Leverages widely deployed GPRS networks
    • Sophisticated roaming capabilities
  • HAN Device Support
    • ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 1.1 (with support of Smart Specification Working Group metering extensions)
    • Connects to multiple smart energy devices
  • Simple Installation and Deployment
    • Attaches directly to meter board, powered from the electric meter
    • Commissioned locally via ZigBee with a handheld terminal



Our CellReader® meter module provides secure, on-demand, two-way communications over public cellular data services for solid-state electric meters. Our technology enables utilities’ meters to be configured, programmed, and read over cellular networks without requiring additional modems or serial communications boards. These are an ideal solution for remote interval, demand and time of use data collection.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven
    • Enables meter reading via cellular communications
    • Supports industry standard metering protocols; DLMS/COSEM
    • Scalable platform; field upgradable
    • Worldwide Coverage
  • Secure
    • VPN connection with restricted IP addresses
    • ANSI C12.18 and 19 protocols
    • WAN access control list
  • Empowered
    • Over the air data access
    • On demand, two-way communications for meter data retrieval, meter programming, firmware upgrades
    • Plug and Play flexibility