The role of data during the development of networks for Smart Cities

Written by: Juan Macias

Utility and energy providers around the globe are considering adopting some form of the “smart city” concept over the next several years. To present the right solution for the different needs, it is the immense responsibility of both city planners and service providers to align and deliver prime data for the proper development of the different supporting networks and the implementation of the smart devices for the desired results.

The level of sustainability and quality-of-life improvement depends on the validity of the accrued data and the use of that data for the proper conception and development of a network, but most importantly, the data increases the accuracy of the proposed network of smart devices to be deployed.

Data accuracy determines the cost, the types of smart services needed for the specific project and the amount of time that will be needed to create the network for a smart city. Improved data utilization also paves the way for further smart city development; the more distinct data provided, the better the proposed solution can be. With that said, the security of the data is also a concern. Now more than ever, security is one of the top priorities of every solutions provider and should be considered when planning and deploying a smart city.

Data is generated from multiple sources, this is why it is important to have the proper identification of this data to help develop the right solution within the smart city context. When the city planners present the initiative for smart traffic lights or a smart grid, it is important to secure the latest city plans including current and future developments that will impact the total components of the network and that also will contribute to the success of the design and deployment of a next-generation smart network.

The ever-changing landscape of the modern smart city requires integrating applications and data in ways that can evolve with the ever-changing technology. By partnering with a communications leader like Trilliant, you can easily provide citizens a better quality of life while reducing your carbon footprint and connecting and streamlining all of your assets into a true smart city.