Trilliant Prime Energy Suite

A comprehensive suite of solutions that improves operational efficiency for utilities


Data Collection

Data Acquisition and Control
Improve the data acquisition process

Automate workflows for simplified collection, processing, storage, and validation of device data to ensure consistency and reliability. Controls for actions like time synchronization, disconnection, reconnection, demand reset, and more.

Ensure data consistency and reliability

Guaranteed data quality and integrity through validations predefined in the solution. Users need only configure the tolerance ranges to ensure data reliability.

Import and Export
Manage routine activities to minimize errors

Quick, easy importing of mass amounts of information from third-party systems, and export of information stored in the database into various file formats.

Alerts and Alarms
Timely detection and notification of anomalies

Detect anomalies in smart meters and smart grids, as well as technical or electrical inconsistencies in metering systems.

Data Analysis

Demand Response
Improve the efficiency of electrical systems

Connect energy assets and enable online tracking of near real-time power consumption and distributed energy resources. Enables identification of exceeded loads to help reduce power consumption.

Data Visualization
Make informed, reliable decisions

Analyze online and historical device data, and query information through search parameters to extract specific data, as needed. View data graphically and export it in a variety of file formats.

Calculation Tool
Calculate variable readings not delivered by devices

Solves practically and simply key electrical calculations like load profile through registers, typical consumption curve, and virtual variables.

Report Generation
Simplify information management

Reports can be scheduled for automatic, periodic, or unattended generation and distribution in these file formats: PDF, HTML, TXT, CSV, RTF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and XML.

Meter Tracking Sheet
Smart metering asset management

Track technical characteristics, verification reports, calibrations records, maintenance records, installed seals, and other smart metering elements and actions.

Power Loss Detection
Track and analyze electric power losses

Detect losses in distribution, transmission, or generation systems and quantify them by nominal voltages. Supports other loss analysis and visualization activities like mapping the electrical system, calculating energy balances, and analyzing electrical structures in specific geographic areas.


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